Love Won Society is a Non-Profit altruistic society of like-minded people in service to mankind.  As a legal non-profit organization recognized by government authority, we are able to receive tax deductible donations for our different projects and causes.

 One of the most pressing problems needing our sacred funds is found within the Family Unit.  Rampant debt, lack of money, lack of educational opportunities, lack of good honorable employment, as well as many, many other factors have created a crisis within this basic structure that the fabric of society is built upon.  
The number one cause of divorce is centered around money issues.


We believe that the lack of money stands as the greatest detriment to the success of the Family Unit.  When one sees how the lack of money destroys the integrity of the family unit, one asks The Father in prayer; "why does it have to be this way?"  "Is there not abundance enough for all to share?"  We believe in the abundance of God and we believe it doesn't have to be this way.  We also believe the answer lies in taking the responsibility upon our shoulders to be, “our brother’s keeper(s).”  None of us comes with an owners manual.  When there is no mentor or outside help, we flounder not knowing what to do.

 As Love Won Society, we have sought ways and means of assisting families to obtain the necessities of life, and yes,  beyond the basics of survival, to the creation of  the means whereby families can thrive.  We believe that when this basic unit of civilization thrives then the communities, the towns, the cities, the counties, the states, our sacred nation and the world in general, will thrive as well and can fulfill the full measure of their creations in support of the family unit.  As we contemplate ways to help families, we also seek the best approach to do so without conveying to these families the thought that they are considered "charity," cases by society.  In other words, find ways to help that maintain dignity.

 Therefore, “when we are in the service of our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God.”

 We believe in the adage “when you feed a man a fish, you have fed him for a day, teach him how to fish and you have fed him for life.”  We also believe that while teaching him how to fish, we should share our fish with him until he is able to feed himself.  That man will not only need to learn to fish, he will need supplies and equipment to actually do the fishing.  Support is essential.  As his fishing heals his hunger, he is more inclined to share with others because he has sufficient for his needs.  When our cup is full, we can then share our abundance with others.  Paying it forward is a masterful, love driven concept in service to mankind that we fully embrace.

 Along comes Crowdfunding: Our donations are helpful but as a group of highly motivated people, we set out to find a faster way to achieve our goal to help families much more effectively.  As we set out on our trek, we were introduced to the principles of Crowdfunding.  While we were impressed, we saw many areas that could be improved.

We believed there was a better way.  

So we searched for the perfect crowdfunding platform that would maximize our efforts and produce the money we needed. To make the long story short, we did indeed find such a platform.  We negotiated a portal into this system that we could control, while at the same time participating in the larger crowd that was already existing.  We fine tuned it to where we finally felt comfortable introducing it to our friends and families as well as to the public at large.

 As we made preparations to launch our program, we realized that we had created a crowdfunding platform that we could share with other non-profit organizations, as well as churches and other charities. 

The effect would be that they, too, would increase their exposure to an ever growing number of people to donate to their projects and at the same time, fund the families that constituted their memberships or congregations.  The crowd we needed was already in place just waiting to be tapped to fulfill the larger need.  We had found a way to help non-profits as well as individuals (families) to obtain the funds they need.

The crowdfunding platform that we created uses a complex computer formula to maximize cash flow, while at the same time, it is very simple and easy to administer and manage.  The $40 one time donation begins the funding of all projects desired as well as the funding of each family that participates.  The concepts and principles of crowdfunding are now applied to the funding of churches, charities,  and families – the very things we had desired to do at the outset.  We are presently using all of our resources to maximize the use of the crowdfunding concepts to fund our many projects.

We have separated our funding activities into two separate avenues of participation.  We invite exploration of both avenues to gain a better understanding of what is offered.  

​1.   Crowdfunding for  Churches, Charities, and other Non-Profit organizations.

2.   Crowdfunding for Individuals and families as a Crowdfunding Specialist.

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