If needed: Permission is Hereby Granted to Create Your Own Crowd

to Fund ANY Lawful Activity You Desire.

WWW.funding4you.org is the website to access the 2's Company - 3's a crowd portal to Join the Crowd and then sign-in to your information page.


2's Company - 3's a Crowd

A  Crowd Funding Platform

Love Won Society is Happy To Provide information to help would be Crowd Funding Specialists to become involved in what we believe is the best Crowd Funding Platform/Program available anywhere. It is designed for the Specific purpose of funding any Worth While Cause that you have in mind.  Love Won Society has many projects in our collective mind that we are working on and that is why we created this Program.  Crowd Funding is not a business, it is donation driven and a not-for-profit funding activity. 

Our Program has no Qualifications or Requirements controlling any project.  In fact, you are the sole decision maker on what you do with your funds. As you will see, there is no place provided to publish projects that you are intending to fund.  However, you are the sole responsible person for your activities so let your integrity dictate your asking.  Love Won Society provides the vehicle, you use it for your purposes.  


NOTE: It is our sincere desire that you first use your funds to heal your own financial situation. That would especially include your debts and other financial activities, such as: business, legal responsibilities, medical bills, student loans and so forth. Personal financial problems could interrupt your efforts to fund other worth while projects.  The desire to help others is commendable but you must FIRST take care of yourself. Your project may simply be to get out of debt or braces for you child. It doesn't matter. The Love Won Society Crowd and Platform you become a part of, and the Crowd you begin to grow, will eventually provide all the money you need to take care of yourself. As you gain knowledge of the truth of what is being offered, your success is simply a function of time and your efforts.

With this program, your dreams for a better financial life for yourself and others, is a mathematical certainty. Doing the work along with others in the crowd, is the formula for a successful endeavor for them and for yourself as well as the others that join your crowd.  It is Synergy at its finest.

How does it work?

The original crowd already exists and is growing.  Love Won Society is part of that larger crowd.  When you donate to Love Won Society, you become part of our crowd as well as the larger crowd. That gives rise to the "2's Company." Now then, as Love Won Society seeks donations, we are then a, "1," seeking company with 2 more to become the "3's" a Crowd." One is lonely, Two is a Company but Three is our Crowd-beginning.  As we seek donations we are growing our crowd within the greater crowd. With each new Funding Specialist both our crowd and the greater crowd grows and produces the moneys we seek for our project(s). Crowd Funding Specialists are able to access this Platform to create their own crowd within our collective larger crowd.  We've used the word "crowd," a lot but it is for the purpose of understanding.

Is this a Pyramid or Ponsi Scheme?

No, it is not.  ​Pyramid or Ponzi Schemes are illegal!  Wikipedia: "A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or the sale of products or services." A Ponzi Scheme is a similar business model that makes money for the top of the scheme leaving all others out of the money flow.  Crowdfunding is no more of a Ponzi scheme than is your church when it passes the collection plate or like PBS (public television) when it holds a fundraiser.  It's all voluntary, designed to help a cause.

Crowd Fundingis legal! In 2015 $34 Billion was raised world wide through Crowdfunding. It is accomplished by "Donations," to individuals or organizations. Donations are a common way for individuals, organizations, or businesses to fund entities such as; humanitarian projects, churches, community projects, sports teams, accident victims, victims of debt, as well as individual projects. With our platform there is no judgement as to the project.  The computer program does the work without discrimination.  When a person begins their crowd, they do the promotion as they see fit. When one is healed financially, they can then begin to pay it forward and donate to what ever cause they are inclined to be involved with.

How do I begin?

The first step is your $37, donation to Love Won Society through the Funding4You.org website. This makes you a part of our Crowd. The critical next step is to identify a project you want to fund. Help to identify your project can be found here.  The next step is to begin growing your crowd.  We have included a sample of our sharing tool or "calling card" we have in use.  We believe the card use is a tremendous program and support it with our web page that includes links to videos and other education. The card contains; a generic message, our web site address, and a line to put your access code on. With this information, when a person decides to donates to your project, they will join your crowd. See the example card below.

To use the card to grow your crowd, strike up a conversation about their need for money. This may be friends, family members, or strangers that you meet.  Almost everybody needs more money so you have a huge potential to help grow your crowd.  When you strike up the conversation and feel it is time give them the card, tell them to go to our published web site on the card to get information.  And if they want to donate the $37  they will have your user name/access code, on the card and can donate to your funding project. The card and our web page creates an easy approach for you without trying to convince or "sell," anything.  It's that easy.  If you happen to be a member of a congregation and get your minister or pastor interested we will support you with additional 3 way calling and educational videos. This is not a hard way to fund your project. It might also verge on the side of being fun.  

There are certain things to learn about our Crowdfunding Platform. As you do you will be surprised at how easy it is to be successful at this endeavor. And as you become successful with growing your crowd, you will become a resource for those who have joined with you, and want to work to grow their own crowd.  People helping people. It all works when you help people to get what they want and they then help you to get what you want.  This is Synergy at its finest. 

For additional information see Frequently Asked Questions and Crowdfunding Definitions.

This page is designed for those interested in becoming a  Crowd Funding Specialist as well as Managers (Clergy) of Charities or other Not-For-Profit Organizations.

Crowdfunding Specialists Begin Here.

Below is our crowdfunding promotional calling card.  It is generic by design so that you may share it with those that join your crowd for their own crowdfunding activities. Remember, you want to find people who will not only join your crowd, but who will begin crowdfunding on their own.  You might write your phone number on the back so that they may contact you for information and encouragement.  The card may be purchased at Awesome Printers. The card is already designed and ready to order.  Click on the picture and follow directions.