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​The Spiritual Foundation of beginning a family starts with Love and Devotion to each other.  The Physical Foundation of the Family is built on Revenue or Cash Flow to support the Family Unit needs. 

 In the beginning plans are made by the couple to create the finances that support their journey together.  However, LIFE, very seldom creates a path that is foreseeable or predictable and many unplanned events can happen that derail the best of plans.  Often, the result is damage to the Physical Foundation – the revenue or cash flow becomes restricted or stops.

 The Donate for Dignity project is designed to FIX the foundation by establishing a new revenue stream.  This is a “leg up,” project not a “hand out.”  The key is accomplishing this while maintaining the dignity of the individual or Family unit.  No one wants to be thought of as a charity case.

 So we proceed with an approach that creates a cash flow through the use of our Crowdfunding Platform or vehicle.  Each person that donates to this project triggers two things.  1. It adds to the crowdfunding pool in support of the one you are donating for and, 2. You receive a reward by entering into the crowd yourself. This position in the crowd qualifies you to receive money for your own funding need or project.

 Entrance into the Crowdfunding Platform that Love Won Society has created produces a revenue stream for each individual that donates to the crowd project.  A donation to Donate for Dignity gives one entrance into the platform where the entire crowd will support them for personally funding projects that they, themselves are interested in supporting.

 From the crowd funding pool and the revenue stream it creates, repairs to the Physical Foundation for the Family Structure is accomplished and a newness of life begins on a solid foundation of financial security. 

To join the funding crowd for the Donate for Dignity project,  $40
      When donating to the Donate for Dignity project use access code: do4dig

We welcome those wanting to donate without joining the crowd. Please click below, any amount is appreciated.

Donate for Dignity

​Creating Revenue for Families

and Individuals

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