Crowd funding: According to Wikipedia, an online Encyclopedia: "Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance. In 2015 it was estimated that worldwide over US$34 billion was raised this way." 

The power of Crowdfunding: Charities and non-profit organizations such as churches, soup kitchens, community projects, etc. are now using the power of crowdfunding to augment existing channels of donations.  Tapping into a larger crowd of donators through the 2’s C0mpany – 3’s a Crowd funding platform means projects are funded faster and produce an unlimited, ever increasing cash flow for present projects as well as future projects.  Individuals are welcome to use our Crowdfunding Platform for whatever personal projects they want to do, regardless of what they are.

2’s Company – 3’s a Crowd: is the name of our portal through which a person/non-profit joins an established crowd for the purpose of funding projects.  The access to the portal is found on the website at 

Portal: defined as the entrance into the funding crowd where each person donating $37, receives a funding share in the funding pool within the crowd.  They also gain entrance into the Wallet page where individual account information is stored and displayed.  Sign-in page requires user name and password.

Crowdfunding Platform: an internet based computer system containing a proprietary formula that keeps track of all funding account information and distributes donated funds accordingly.  All donations and fees are credited to the proper accounts including the Funding Pool and are not left up to human manipulation.  The flow of cash is within the Dwolla merchant account system and distributed according to the proprietary formula.  Dwolla is responsible for all sensitive account information and prepares, and sends out IRS form 1099 at the end of the year.

Funding Pool: the receptor of donations that receives and distributes cash according to a mathematical formula created for the greater growth of each member of the crowd; the source of the cash flow stream to each participant who is qualified with two or more people having “joined the crowd.”

Hydrate: to establish a cash flow stream to be received by each participant in the funding pool to fund personal projects of their choice.

Wallet: the name of the funding account associated with the owner of that account.  When funds are generated within the computer program for that account it is deposited into the "Wallet,"  where it is available for use; the name of the web page where information for the account is displayed.

Dwolla: an internet merchant account where Wallet funds are downloaded. Funds are stored and then distributed by the account holder; an internet money transfer service; retains personal information for the establishment of the Wallet account and issues the IRS form 1099, at the end of the year.  2's Company - 3's a Crowd does not keep a file on, nor has access to, security sensitive personal information including your password.  If you forget your password you can receive an email link where you can establish a new password. 

Profile: Storage location where non-sensitive information is kept.  Account holder can change their email address, password and name. 

Funding4you: the name of the website where 2's Company - 3's a Crowd information is displayed; the portal entrance through which crowdfunding participants join a crowd for the purposes of funding projects; the portal entrance to the sign-in page where account information (the Wallet) is stored and displayed.

The #37 Donation: Enters a new crowd member's position in the crowdfunding platform;  additional positions in the platform are automatic and a function of the computer program.  No additional out-of-pocket donations are ever required for continuation of the cash flow to your wallet.

Crowdfunding Specialist: A person who joins a crowd with the intent of creating a large crowd.  This may be full or part-time participation.  While some donators are not interested in growing a crowd, the Crowdfunding Specialist uses an informed and educated approach to utilize an unlimited cash flow potential and harness the power of crowdfunding for whatever purpose one chooses.  This approach is easy, it is legal, and it works.  We support and educate those interested in this work of the heart. 

We welcome those who want to be Crowdfunding Specialists.  Click here to contact us.

Crowdfunding Definitions