Love Won Society is a non-profit Ministry in Service to mankind.  One of our members suggested that we use Crowdfunding for donations and funding of our Humanitarian and Charitable work.   We researched Crowdfunding to see what it was all about and found all sorts of projects that had been funded - $34 Billion worth world wide in 2015.  We found a wide variety of projects on the funding lists but the thing that impressed us the most was that we could become involved in crowdfunding for our projects, big or small.  We had no idea how popular Crowdfunding has become and had no idea which one of the many companies to choose from.  We searched to find the one platform that fits all of our needs. 

We teamed up with a sister organization, The Arcadian Society which is a well respected and long established international organization of like minded individuals. We met and together created a list of features we thought we needed to begin our crowdfunding activities.  At the top of our list was the desire  to be in control of the funds we received so that the greatest amount of the donations would go to our funding projects.  We also needed a structure that our members could feel safe and secure in, that was legal and ethical and offered the bookkeeping and other tangibles necessary to support our projects.  

With our intensions in place, we began our search.  We eventually were referred to "RizeUp Connect," as one company we should look into. They were already in business and had created a crowdfunding platform that seemed tailor made for what we needed. As we explored our use of their proprietary platform we found them open to our needs including the controls we desired.  They had a "product" based approach to crowdfunding while ours was a "donation" based approach.  Our approach was in harmony with what they were already doing so we made the decision to move forward with them and joined their crowd.

We had found a company that had all the features we desired and more.  

So The Arcadian Society, Love Won Society and Rize Up Connect, joined our respective crowds to form the greater crowd.  The entity we designed for our crowdfunding portal is "2's Company - 3's a Crowd." Now, with our faith and integrity in tact and with high expectations of success in funding our projects, we launched our Crowdfunding activities.   The fact that we were not alone in funding our projects meant we had increased the donation base many fold while decreasing the time to fund our projects.  It was as if our membership had suddenly increased saving us years of natural growth. 

All three organizations believe that money is not the root of all evil, nor is it filthy lucre.  The lack of money seems to be the motivation to seek money outside of appropriate and honorable channels of making a living.  At the basis of our crowdfunding activities is the ability to come from the heart.  We believe that when one joins the heart with the mind, the abundance of financial resources manifests and brings forth the love and caring concern that our society needs.

This type of abundance can not only concur poverty, but carries with it the hopes and dreams of financially hydrating each and every Family the joins the crowd.

 As the financial assistance fills the empty wallet of struggling families, paying it forward is available to help others and more and more precious souls get the assistance they need.  As we see how we individually, can make a difference, love prevails and wins and thus, Love Won. We may be preaching to the choir here, but sometimes we all need to be reminded that we should be about, our "Father's business," in service to Families.

Love has Won, in the creation of our program and is now available for all non-profit charitable organizations to do the work of the heart.  We honor the work of the Clergy and all others who work to provide the needs of those who just need a leg up in life.  We also believe that feeding a man a meal while helping him find a way to take care of himself, is honorable work.  Our platform provides just such an approach to our charitable work.

The soup kitchens, the homeless shelters, the food pantries, the women's shelters, the unemployed, the grieving families, the victims of accidents or abuse, Religious Organizations, and etc., need our collective help - each of us doing our best.  We see that all of these funding needs can be fulfilled with crowdfunding. We see the vision of hope beginning to swell in the hearts of parents that need more money, as each individual that joins a crowd also begins their own crowd to fund their own projects. As the crowds grow, the healing is extended to many, many more participants, all coming from their hearts.  Much more so than when working by ourselves.

We invite your investigation of our crowdfunding platform to see how it might fit in with your dreams and goals and the projects you want to do.  It is legal. It is ethical. It is easy, and it works.  The need for your assistance is not blind to your eyes.  We think it is time for good people to have the best vehicle to get their funding needs fulfilled instead of lining someone else's pocket.  If you have a congregation or a charity or other organization that wants to come from their hearts, look into our program and let's all get on with the work of the ministry and the edifying of the Body of Christ. 

Other information can be found at as well as Crowdfunding Specialist.

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