It is hard doing Humanitarian projects in parts of the world where wars are decimating the population and poverty is destroying the basic fabric of society.  This presents a daunting task that can be overwhelming. 

Love Won Africa is setting up a Humanitarian structure designed to bring relief to Millions. The basis of this structure is a Plantation Community that will bring hundreds of Jobs for people on the street who have no place to go, no shelter from the elements, and no food or clean water.

The plantation will supply all of the necessities that make up the many parts of a community that will include perimeter fencing for safety, dormitories, work, a food kitchen, clinics, schools, retail shopping, entertainment and the Arts, social activities, police protection, and more.  As the plantation grows, more and more will be added to where it becomes a new town or village and eventually a new city.  When 0ne plantation model is well on its way toward completion it will be duplicated throughout all of Africa as quickly as the manpower becomes available.


Alex Adewumi


Alex brings to this position many years as a successful Banker and Businessman. The combination of these two areas of expertise will result in a very promising and successful beginning of our new Humanitarian Project Plantation Model. As the donation revenue begins to flow, Alex's business acumen and his finely tuned organizational skills will kick into gear and begin the work of getting the homeless, the jobless, and the hungry off the streets and into facilities where they will find a safe and secure place to live. The work of the plantation will grow food stuffs and other commodities that will secure their future with vocational education and training. The excess produce grown will be sold to give sustained growth to  the plantation to where it will be self sufficient. It is a masterful plan. 

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Love Won Society International is happy and proud to Announce the appointment of

 Alade Alexander Adewumi,

a Nigerian National and a Managing Council Member of Love Won Society International, to the position of Director of Love Won Africa. We call Him Alex.