It is by Divine Intervention and Directive that this sacred mission, LOVE WON SOCIETY, was created as a philosophical, teaching, and healing ministry.

            LOVE WON SOCIETY adheres to the Premise that all events are orchestrated for the good of each individual involved in that event, and because Prime Source or LOVE created the event, then at all times and in all places LOVE, or God, has WON.

            When an individual realizes God, or Love, is behind all events that take place, then it gives that individual the chance to ponder and question the reason for the event.  This pondering allows God, or LOVE, to reveal the Divine Reasons behind such events.  This Divine revelation brings peace and unspeakable joy when one understands God’s, or LOVE’s, intensions.

            A belief that LOVE WON begins the journey to peace and joy in a way that breaks the cycle of pain and suffering.  LOVE WON is such a profound statement of truth it gets to be spread to all who want to understand the truth in the experiences of their lives.  The MISSION of LOVE WON SOCIETY, therefore, is to share this understanding with all those who seek for further Light and Knowledge that God has promised to send.

​​ Love Won Society

​Mission Statement



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