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Donations to Religious Organizations, Charities, and other Non-Profits are a way of life for these organizations. Donating is as common as apple pie.  It is a sacred honor that people take upon themselves to contribute to the organizations they hold dear to further the causes they espouse.  It comes from the heart.

 Donations they receive are limited to those available to donate to their cause.  The greater the pool, i.e. a congregation, the greater the possible donations – the greater the donations the greater good they can do.

 Love Won Society has created a Crowdfunding Platform that taps into a larger base of donators called a crowd.  Donations are received into a funding pool and distributed according to a proprietary formula.
 This platform is the one that Love Won Society uses for all of our donations.  It is a hybrid form of crowdfunding that is unique to our platform and different from anything on the internet.  Instead of limiting to single project donations we tap into the larger crowd and draw from a larger funding pool than we could ever create by ourselves.  It is easy. It is legal. But most of all, It WORKS. 

Religious Organizations, Charities,

and Non-Profits