With Crowdfunding, you can do both.

​​Your Project – a Discussion​

Your needs  Vs  Their needs

We have found that many times there is resistance to ask for donations to fund your own financial needs.  Yet that is often the real motivation for wanting to do crowdfunding.  As benevolent as your intensions may be to help others in their cause, the real problem of personal finances absolutely need to be addressed. 

It is much easier to approach people about donating to some worthy cause for someone else’s needs.  The homeless shelter, a women’s shelter, a soup kitchen and many, many other causes or charities seem to be more important than, say, our own needs.

 The motivation to participate in a crowdfunding project, needs to be truthfully identified in order for one to fully engage their thoughts and actions, as well as their hearts, into this endeavor to where it is successful.  Taking care of yourself first may seem to be "self centered," but one must be healed in order to heal another. "Physician, heal thyself," is a divine principle that is worth incorporating into any crowdfunding project.

 As Love Won Society, it is our belief that the “self” must be taken care of in order to heal the wounds that exist within society.  The husband or mother out of work, the bills that have piled up, the need for food and supplies, the needs that children have, all these kinds of things create stress and dysfunction within the minds and hearts of many people to where they do things out of necessity that destroys the sanctity and strength of the family unit.

 We do not believe that “money is the root of all evil,” however we do believe that the “lack of money," and the desire to get money at any costs, is, the root of most "evil.”  Our relationship with money and our feelings about money greatly determines how much money we attract into our lives.  This maybe a relationship that needs to be healed.  SPIRITUALITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MONEY.  TAPPING INTO THE ABUNDANCE OF GOD'S NATURAL FLOW OF ALL THINGS provides for all our needs.

 We also believe that Crowdfunding is the real answer to solve most people’s financial troubles.  It solves these problems in such a way that one is introduced to the “Abundance of Life,” that produces the caring and nurturing that can and must exist to have a successful communal life.  Behind every starving child is a mother and father destitute of money, aching in their hearts at their failures to provide for their child.

 With that in mind, there is a way, for timid individuals that feel they can’t promote their own project, to participate in and solve their own financial problems using crowdfunding. And when they do participate, they help create the funds necessary to help themselves and at the same time, help other, “more worthy” causes (as they suppose), at the same time. That is a win, win that solves problems.

 Love Won Society has projects that we are promoting. Such as; homes for the homeless, food and supplies for soup kitchens, blankets and warm clothing for the homeless shelters, get-on-your-feet support for the jobless, donations through crowdfunding for churches, shelters, food banks, and the list goes on. Many people volunteer for projects such as these but they too, need the funds for their volunteer projects to work successfully.  Crowdfunding can supply the working capital for all these things.

 We suggest the "timid," use these projects as their crowdfunding projects and engage their heart and talents and then see how the Universe responds to the request to help others (as well as themselves). As you build your own crowd you are helping build the larger crowd and the funds you need will begin to flow to you and to the larger crowd.  There is real power in this process to bring real change into your life and the lives of so many others.  "Ask and it shall be given..."  "...be about (The) Father's Business."

 Use our funding projects as your funding projects for the greater good.  We need your help and welcome you aboard our dynamic crowd and support you with our love and our gratitude as well as our prayers for your success.​